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Powerful, flexible software to help you manage controls, audits and vendors. Meet the platform that goes beyond continuous compliance.
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Unlike generic tools, we co-create with you from day one.

Let's build a solution that accurately maps to your organization's risk and controls environment, ensuring effective audit and compliance with industry standards and regulations, which is why we work closely with your team to develop processes that align seamlessly with your style of working.
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What People Say About Us

"We were one of the first users of the Audit module. Saved us a lot of time and effort, and AuditCue has been honest & upfront about their roadmap. They've delivered value minus noise and  that is rare to see from vendors"
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Cofounder / Startup / US
Financial Services
"I liked the product UX. The user experience is miles ahead and they're building new features rapidly. They have these thoughtful little touches throughout the product that add up to make a big difference."
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Cofounder / Startup / India
"I had very clear asks on data hosting, custom risk frameworks, workflows and integrations. AuditCue moved fast, were responsive and executed well. The support has been great too"
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VP / Large Bank / US
Financial Services
"AuditCue's beta product promises to transform our credit union's compliance and risk management. Its user-friendly interface, extensive customization, integrative capabilities, and responsive support will enhance operational efficiency, empowering us to preemptively tackle regulatory obligations and risks. We anticipate its industry-altering impact as we prepare for full implementation."
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VP Technology / Credit Union / US
US Credit Union

How AuditCue Works

Set up controls

Ready to team up and add some extra layers of protection and controls to our AuditCue solution? Let's make it happen!
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Set up your Risk Library

Create your own Risk Library, customized to fit your organization's needs. Stay prepared for anything with ease. Start now!

Be Audit Ready. Demonstrate Compliance.

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by the world's leading technology companies.
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Build Trust. Stand Out For The Right Reasons

Speed, Quality and Accuracy - pick any two. So say others. But not us, and neither would you when it comes to Risk, Audits & Compliance.


Automate routine tasks to focus on strategic and analytical audit aspects.

Risk Management

Staying ahead in a constantly changing business landscape means managing risk effectively.


Auditors and auditees deserve better, and that's our mission to deliver.


Legacy solutions push you to buy everything even if you don't use it all. Our customers have more options. Deploy only what you need to use.

Experience the AuditCue Advantage At Every Stage

Stay compliant and ahead of the curve at every stage of your company's journey with AuditCue's intuitive platform.