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One question we often get is about our name. What is AuditCue? How did we land on it? Why not Audit Cube, or Audit Queue, or something else? AuditCue stands for something specific -

Audit - an evaluation of the quality or standard of something, such as financial records or compliance to regulations

Cue - A call to action, or a signal that requires a response

Putting it together, AuditCue calibrates, guides and streamlines all actions that are a part of your audit lifecycle.

Reimagine how risks, audits & controls work together. Auditing is not a check-the-box activity, it is the guardrail that helps you build & run a solid business.

We don't believe in check-the-box compliance. We believe that the commoditisation of certifications where anyone can refer to themselves as "X standard or framework certified" is bad for the industry. Certification & compliance is certainly not a proxy for security, but namesake compliance is even worse. We want to equip our customers to build a robust risk program that allows them to implement controls, monitor performance & respond to gaps, if they occur.

That's what AuditCue is all about. We build for the long term, and are lucky to have investors, early team members and customers who believe in our product and goal.

Gaurav Kulkarni

Co-founder & CEO

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Naren Janakiraman

Co-founder & CTO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you auditors? Do I have to replace my current auditors?
Will you certify us for ISO 27001 / 9001 / any other standard?
Can you automate my audit process completely?
How secure is the AuditCue platform?
We showcase compliance with multiple standards (ISO, PCI, SOC, etc). How can you help?

Compliance is not a check-the-box. Neither is your search for the perfect GRC tool.

Take a demo how your compliance process will look like with AuditCue. We don't do generic demos - every small detail is customised for your specific requirements.
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