The Security Assurance of AuditCue

At AuditCue, security is a top priority. Many teams rely on us because we are committed to keeping their information secure and private.

Cloud Hosted SaaS

AuditCue offers global accessibility through multi-region hosting, securing your data in dedicated environments with geo-specific IP blocking for added protection. Utilizing AWS data centers, strict controls, and redundant power setups ensure uninterrupted service, prioritizing the availability and security of your information.

Access Controls

AuditCue prioritizes security with advanced load balancing for efficient traffic distribution. Access is restricted through a least-privileged model, minimizing risks. Network traffic undergoes strict control and monitoring via firewall protections, with isolated subnets ensuring enhanced security. User access management, rooted in Active Directory, establishes a secure authentication foundation for tailored organizational interactions.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

AuditCue keeps things secure by helping organizations create detailed records of their digital activities, ensuring transparency and following the rules. It provides tools to track and monitor what's happening in a straightforward way, making it a practical choice for organizations that want a simple and effective approach to auditing.

Data Protection

AuditCue prioritizes your data's security with encryption at rest and in transit, meeting top data protection standards. Committed to compliance with CCPA and GDPR, we handle your data with utmost care, ensuring privacy and regulatory adherence for your peace of mind.

Management Services

AuditCue ensures security and efficiency with an Active Directory-based user directory and log aggregation for streamlined user management and activity tracking. Security Scanning Tools (SAST) fortify code security, while enterprise plans receive an extra layer of protection with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Exclusive secure server image generation reflects our commitment to straightforward and effective solutions for your organization's security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AuditCue's Infrastructure both multi-tenant and multi-instance?

Yes, AuditCue employs a multi-faceted architecture, combining the advantages of both multi-tenancy and multi-instance structures. In this setup, each customer or organization enjoys the benefits of having its dedicated instance of the software and supporting infrastructure, ensuring a higher level of isolation and customization.

What data does AuditCue collect?

See our Privacy Policy for more details on how we collect and use personal information.

Does AuditCue encrypt my data?

Yes. AuditCue encrypts customer data in the coordination server using fips-197 compatible encryption at rest.

Does AuditCue back up my data?

Yes. AuditCue do back up customer data in the coordination server everyday.

Does AuditCue conduct security audits?

Yes. AuditCue conducts security audit twice a year.

What infrastructure does AuditCue use?

AuditCue uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the coordination server and its hosted in multiple regions.

Is AuditCue SOC 2 compliant?
Please reach out to us so that we can share the necessary details, under NDA
Is AuditCue PCI-DSS compliant?
Please reach out to us so that we can share the necessary details, under NDA
Is AuditCue HIPAA compiant?
Please reach out to us so that we can share the necessary details, under NDA

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